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First Mile Origins

Richard Lowenberg began promoting the term and concept of "First Mile" telecommunications and economics in the early 1990's; elaborating on the term in the 1995, U.S. EDA funded, "Rural Telecommunications Investment Guide" (scroll to bottom of the Technology page for specific reference); in a presentation at the Community Networking conference in Taos, NM, in July 1996; and years later (2003) in a Gartner Group report for CENIC, leading to the naming of the California "First Mile" initiative.

Richard Lowenberg is an artist, eco-systems designer and tele-community planner, relocated to Santa Fe in mid-2006 .     He is the former Executive Director of the Davis Community Network, CA (1996-2006).    Before that he was a founding Programs Director of the Telluride Institute (1984-96), and director of its InfoZone Project (the first rural Internet POP, with first rural community wireless WAN in the U.S.).    He served as a National Research Council committee member on the study and publication of "Broadband: Bringing Home the Bits"; and is on the (Advisory) Board of the Association for Community Networking.    Richard's personal projects studio and web site is the RADLab.

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