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Documents, articles, NM State and community initiatives, and national (and international) examples referenced to 1st-Mile broadband efforts.

NM Telecom. Documents
This folder contains documents and information on New Mexico telecommunications infrastructure and initiatives.
'Open' Broadband Network References
This folder contains reference articles and documents on 'open' fiber and wireless networking.
Broadband References
This folder contains general references, articles and documents on broadband policy, economics, infrastructure and services.
Broadband Applications and Services
This folder contains information and resources on the applications and services that will require greater broadband capacity, and that will help to improve community and individual quality of life and livelihood.
Wireless References
This folder contains general and New Mexico related wireless broadband resources and information.
Resource Links
The following list of resource links are, for the most part, deep and content-rich. They have been selected for containing information resources of direct relevence to 1st-Mile initiatives.

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