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1st-mile-nm Email List Postings

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This folder contains the welcome message and a few of the first postings from the 1st-Mile email list, which has been active since Fall 2006.

President Bush: Speech on Broadband
An exerpted section from a speech given in Albuquerque in 2004, by President Bush.
Time Magazine's "Person of the Year": You
NM PRC: Qwest Settlement Agreement
Posted on Thurs. Dec. 28, 2006. (The Settlement Order is Final, as of Jan. 1, 2007).
Santa Fe Schools Fiber
Attached is a .pdf page containing four images of recent fiber deployment for the Santa Fe Public Schools, photographed just prior to the year-end snows. The company which has been putting conduit under streets and pulling fiber, is a contractor for Qwest, which has been contracted with by the School District. Fiber deployment will continue for schools in different parts of Santa Fe, as weather allows.

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