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'Open' Broadband Network References

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This folder contains reference articles and documents on 'open' fiber and wireless networking.

Fiber 'OSPN' Overview
A one page description of fiber 'open service provider networks' by Richard Lowenberg.
The Case for Gigabit Speed Fiber Open Access Networks
An article by the IEEE (USA) Committee on Communications and Information Policy, published in the Aug. 2005 issue of Broadband Properties.
OSPNs by Ben Gould
From Broadband Properties magazine (May 2005), Ben Gould, of Dynamic City (UTOPIA) describes OSPNs.
A. Cohill's Fiber OSPN Comparisons
Andrew Cohill, of Design Nine (in Virginia), provided this comparison chart of fiber deployment models.
A. Cohill's OSPN Overview
Andrew Cohill, of Design Nine (in Virginia) provided this excellent (draft) descriptive and economic overview of fiber OSPNs.
Stockholm Declaration on Open Networks
Sweden leads international 'open' broadband initiatives and directions.
Muni Fiber vs Muni WiFi
From a recent email, Andrew Orlowski, in <> (UK), compares examples of municipal fiber vs. municipal wifi projects.
Local Control of Communications Networks as Open Systems
An abbreviated essay by Gareth Shearman and Garth Graham, of Telecommunities Canada.
Five Ways to Localize the Internet
An excellent new (1/07) report: "Localizing the Internet: Five Ways Public Ownership Solves the US Broadband Problem", by Becca Vargo Daggett of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), on how public ownership of broadband infrastructure would bring affordable, high-speed broadband access to urban and rural communities in the US.
"Principles for an Open Broadband Future"
Public Knowledge published an excellent July 2005 white paper on "Principles for an Open Broadband Future".

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