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NM PRC: Qwest Settlement Agreement

Posted on Thurs. Dec. 28, 2006. (The Settlement Order is Final, as of Jan. 1, 2007).

PRC-Qwest Settlement: Final Draft

The PRC web site now includes the final draft of the Qwest Settlement Order.   
It is found at:

Scroll down the page to:

Proposed Settlement of AFOR I Compliance Issues

*  Qwest Settlement Order Final Version (a 19 pg. PDF)

My quick read of the document indicates that:
Upon all required parties agreeing and signing the Order, it will be
finalized and be effective Jan. 1, 2007.   News announcements should
be forthcoming.

My summary reading (please correct me if I'm wrong) also indicates that:
The $270,000,000 Settlement, includes $10,000,000 to be credited and paid
back to rate payers; $5,000,000 to be allocated to the Department of
Education's STRONG project (pending Legislative approval); $81,300,000 for
High Speed Internet Access (especially for rural areas); plus general
upgrade of statewide infrastructure; and 'good faith' agreements with ISPs
for wholesale pricing of Internet services.

A more accurate summary would be appreciated from any of you on this list
that has been more directly involved with and is more knowledgable about
the Settlement Order.

Richard Lowenberg

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