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This message is a welcome to new subscribers of:

        [email protected]

This email list is dedicated to the exchange of information among its subscribers on the topic of advocating, informing and deploying local economy-building, true 'open' fiber (and wireless) broadband networks for the communities and people of New Mexico; and to the support of applications that may improve the quality of life and livelihoods in this state.

As subscribers, you are requested to now participate in the shaping of discussions and sharing of information on this list.  I would especially like your immediate feedback on the list organization and content, as well as recommendations for additional subscribers.   This is an open discussion list, and should easily be managed as such.   To facilitate the technical side of this effort, I have used the free resources (hosting, tools, etc.) of the Davis Community Network, in California, my prior 'first mile' site.  As we proceed, if desired or needed, this project can be moved to an appropriate NM hosting and online service site.

The 1st-mile web site complements the email list, allowing for additional and more robust information resources and content management.  The site is created with Plone, an open source CMS.    If any of you want to help develop and maintain the web site, please let me know.

There is lots more to communicate about this exciting initiative.   It awaits your involvement, replies and postings, now.   See you online in the 1st-mile.

Richard Lowenberg
[email protected]

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