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Meinrath: Net Neutrality - 10 Points

In a recent email, Sasha Meinrath (CUWIN), offers a 10 point synopsis from a draft paper on Network Neutrality.

Sasha Meinrath is the director of CUWIN, one of the most advanced wireless initiatives in the country (at UIUC), recently receiving $500,000 funding from NSF.  His paper on Net Neutrality also applies to 'open' fiber nets.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 11:48:08 -0500
From: Sascha Meinrath <[email protected]>
To: Richard Lowenberg <[email protected]>

Subject: The New Network Neutrality: Criteria for Internet Freedom (Looking for Feedback).

Hi Richard,
Attached is a paper Victor Pickard and I wrote for the upcoming TPRC conference.
The next draft is due on the 31st and we're looking for feedback from knowledgeable folks. I fully expect that this is going to be a controversial piece -- but I think it lays down a strong case for going well beyond current conceptualizations of Network Neutrality.

In a nutshell the Meinrath & Pickard New Network Neutrality contains ten points:

1. Requires Common Carriage.
2. Is Open Architecture and Supports Open Source Driver Development.
3. Is Open Protocol and Open Standard.
4. Supports an End-to-End Architecture (i.e., is composed of a dumb network).
5. Is Private (e.g., no back doors, deep packet inspection, etc.).
6. Is Application-Neutral.
7. Is Low-Latency and First-In/First-Out (i.e., requires adequate capacity for both).
8. Is Interoperable.
9. Is Business Model Neutral.
10. Is Run by its Users (i.e., is internationally representative and non-Amerocentric).

Thanks for your help,

Sascha Meinrath
Executive Director Principal President
CUWiN; The Ethos Group; Acorn Active Media

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